The Gentleman Studio
meets a new perspective.

Change your perspective and everything changes.


Ladies & Gentlemen, dear Partners, dear Friends!

Two and a half years ago we set ourselves the goal to found a studio for high-class digital products with the vision to create the best digital experiences. You, dear partners and friends, supported us to develop tremendously, to have fun and to bring dream projects to life. You have been the ones, which gave us the opportunity to build an amazing team and to become those, who we are today, grown up gentlemen.

But, the truth is, also gentlemen grow older. For us, the time has come to take upon a new perspective. To think bigger, to become even more professional and to push you forward even stronger. With excitement we are looking forward to working together with you also in the future! To more years to come, full of joy! Only in a new dress.

Michael, Marco and the team.

Micheal Bogner

Founder & CEO

MArco Waldner

Founder & CCO